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Nimbus Hair DNA Test

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Nimbus is the only at home testing solution that treats hair loss at its true root cause -- your genetics. By analyzing the underlying cause of your specific hair loss, we customize a hair restoration plan just for you. 

What we test

By testing your genetics, we can create a personalized prescription designed to your unique biochemistry. Your test results will help us identify which ingredients will work best with your genetics. There are 6 key areas we analyze.

Hair growth regulators Open Close

The metabolism of hair growth regulators, like prostaglandins, can either help our hair grow or cause the hair follicle to shrink and stop growing.

Inflammation Open Close

Improper management of inflammation is the root cause of many problems in our bodies and it plays a big role in hair loss.

Hormonal effect Open Close

Dihydrotestosterone (DHT) is the primary hormone responsible for hair loss.

Blood flow Open Close

Hair follicles are living tissue and need a steady supply of nutrients from blood flow to remain healthy.

Collagen formation Open Close

This protein is a building block for joints, nails, connective tissue, and skin.

Vitamin & mineral metabolism Open Close

Vitamin A and biotin are important for normal hair growth and our diets are often deficient in these nutrients.

How it works

Register your kit

Once your test kit arrives, please scan the QR code and complete the activation process.

Collect your sample at home

Collect your sample and mail it to a certified lab with prepaid shipping.

Receive results in days

Within 7-10 business days, you will receive your results and be asked to schedule a free telehealth appointment with a provider.

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Our patented test and algorithm

Product Details Open Close

Nimbus is the only at home testing solution that treats hair loss at its true root cause -- your genetics. By analyzing the underlying cause of your specific hair loss, we customize a hair restoration plan just for you. 

What's measured Open Close

Your genetic profile will be analyzed on 13 genes and 48 different genetic variations.

Related symptoms Open Close

Androgenetic alopecia

Alopecia areata

Telogen effuvium

Male patterned baldness

Female patterned baldness

Thinning hair

Excessive shedding

What to expect Open Close

  • Pre-paid shipping both ways
  • All materials for sample collection and shipping back to the lab
  • Detailed directions and an instructional video to guide you
  • Help along the way from our customer care team
  • Digital and printable results

Sample collection Open Close

To collect a viable DNA sample, you just need to follow the simple steps below or in this video!

1) Start by carefully twisting open the collection tube to remove the swab – avoid touching the tip with your fingers or other surfaces. You’ll need to wet the swab first so place it on your tongue for 10 seconds to moisten it.

2) Firmly swab the inside of your right cheek using a back and forth brushing motion while rotating the swab 360 degrees. Continue to do this for 30 seconds.

3) Once done, repeat the same process on the other side of your mouth.

4) Carefully, without touching any other surfaces or putting it down, return the swab to the tube and close the lid tightly. Now, here’s the most important part, please don’t forget to apply the patient identifier sticker to the tube length-wise (do not wrap it around the tube) and then insert it into the biohazard specimen bag. 

Clinically Approved Personalized Treatment Plans

CLIA Certified Labs
Physician Reviewed Results
Access to Functional Medicine Physicians

Why Nimbus?

Personalized treatments to get you looking and feeling your best!
Test your hormone levels Test your hormone levels
Get rid of fatigue or poor performance Get rid of fatigue or poor performance
Balance your mood swings Balance your mood swings
Feel better in your skin Feel better in your skin
Personalized and accessible plans Personalized and accessible plans
Tailored to your unique biochemistry Tailored to your unique biochemistry

What People Say About Nimbus

James S.

"Top tier service and expertise amongst staff. Top quality products with five star ratings."

Kyle M.

"Quick, painless, and personal...The results came back quickly and I felt like they were available if I needed help. I'll be using Nimbus for years to come."

Shelly P.

"The whole process was speedy, from receiving the kit, results and the prescription."


"Nimbus has been super simple to use with great results. Very professional and helpful consultation too. Couldn't be happier with my choice!"

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